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Looking for a new sandbox MMORPG? Consider Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria Home Advertisements

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Band of the Golden Sun Weeks 2 and 3

Double feature this week to catch up with our fearless band. See this post for where we left the adventurers last time. Thanks to @MMOGC for picking up the weekly scribe duties. Week 2 Recovering from their near-fatal encounter with … Continue reading

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Project Gorgon: First impressions — or first kiss

Originally posted on Bio Break:
I… don’t know what’s come over me. I really don’t. A few days ago, Project: Gorgon was that interesting indie MMO with a terribad name, and now I’ve become a Kickstarter supporter (my first pledge…

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Originally posted on A High Latency Life:
It is with the heaviest of hearts that I make this post today. Although I haven’t posted in a while, River and I have remained friends, mostly keeping updated through facebook. When I…

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FFXIV Is The Most Beautiful MMORPG I’ve Played, And I’m Loving It

I was one of the original customers of Final Fantasy XIV, before the tag line ‘A Realm Reborn.  When FFXIV version 1.0 launched, it was a mess.  The uninspired game world consisted of shrub mazes which led from point to … Continue reading

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For a Chuckle

In addition to blogs in my feed reader I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds for comics related to gaming or my life in general. I figured I would share them with you and request that you do the … Continue reading

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Random Encounters: A Multigaming Blog

Hello and welcome to the first post of an all new blog for gamers of all shapes and sizes written by gamers of all shapes and sizes. They say game blogging is dead but we think people just ran out … Continue reading

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