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Band of the Golden Sun Week 5

The weekly Pathfinder RPG group took a week off to let their DM watch the NY Mets lose the 2015 World Series and I took my sweet time posting this recap. I needed some time to mentally recover from that … Continue reading

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Band of the Golden Sun Week 4

In this week’s episode, the newly minted level 2 adventurers meet the competition and then delve into what appears to be an ancient haunted house. Catch up with earlier exploits of the Band of the Golden Sun here. The Band … Continue reading

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Band of the Golden Sun Weeks 2 and 3

Double feature this week to catch up with our fearless band. See this post for where we left the adventurers last time. Thanks to @MMOGC for picking up the weekly scribe duties. Week 2 Recovering from their near-fatal encounter with … Continue reading

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Where Pid GM’s a Pathfinder RPG using a Virtual Tabletop

Things have been dark here at the old REB. Oddly, the website still gets a hit or two a day. Kind of surprising really. Who knew there were so many accidental clicks on the 15th page of a google search. … Continue reading

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The Secret New Year

Recently our guild planned a Thursday Night event in The Secret World. I logged in a little early and was treated to a show of people celebrating the Chinese New Year, TSW Style!

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Shadowrun Returns

Hi folks, I wanted to take a moment to show off a game I have been playing recently called Shadowrun Returns. I also wanted to try and play with Fraps and create a video about the game. So here is … Continue reading

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The Treek Experiment [SWTOR]

Back in patch 2.3, Star Wars: The Old Republic released a new companion that couldn’t be quested for. It either had to be bought with Cartel Coins (real money) or Credits (in game currency) both of which commanded a steep … Continue reading

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For a Chuckle

In addition to blogs in my feed reader I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds for comics related to gaming or my life in general. I figured I would share them with you and request that you do the … Continue reading

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Alt-ernative Gaming Habits

Okay I admit the punny headline is a little much, but it really does fit. As I sit preparing for the first raid I have run in a very long time in SWTOR, I am struck by the distinct difference … Continue reading

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Random Encounters: A Multigaming Blog

Hello and welcome to the first post of an all new blog for gamers of all shapes and sizes written by gamers of all shapes and sizes. They say game blogging is dead but we think people just ran out … Continue reading

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