Band of the Golden Sun Week 4

In this week’s episode, the newly minted level 2 adventurers meet the competition and then delve into what appears to be an ancient haunted house. Catch up with earlier exploits of the Band of the Golden Sun here.

The Band of the Golden Sun travels back to town, lugging their spoils with them. The local merchants are eager to see what the returning adventurers have brought from their expeditions, so the party decides to rendezvous at a tavern called the Tooth and Hookah where they hope to sell off some loot and lighten their loads. The cleric, rogue, magus and barbarian stop by the bar to grab a drink, while the bard heads off into a dark corner with a saucy sitar player, sure to be occupied for the rest of the night. The rest of the party spends a relaxing evening drinking and sharing news with other groups who have returned from their assignments. A good time was had by all. This funky tavern even has a pet crocodile!

After selling their treasures, the party ends up with a good sum of gold, totaling 1755. They spend 500 of that on potions of cure light wounds, which they divide among themselves.Their spirits bolstered by the fact that they were one of the more successful groups, the party is at the town square again the next day, chomping at the bit for more adventure. A number is drawn, and thus the Band of the Golden Sun receives their next assignment: the House of Pentheru.

The House of Pentheru ends up being a very large estate, surrounded by high walls. The party decides to take the direct approach, boldly entering the property through the front gates. As soon as they step through, however, horrifying screams fill the air, sending the adventurers running in fear. In a panic, the magus, barbarian and the cleric run to the east. While the three of them cower in a corner, Miles and Ellis appear to be made of sterner stuff, and begin exploring this side of the courtyard. Here, they find a side door leading into the main house. Once everyone is recovered, they all go inside together.

Immediately, they are attacked by a trio of skeletons emerging from further inside the house. As members of the party move forward to confront the skeletons inside their room, haunted voices emanate from the walls, leaving the adventurers anxious and unsettled. At one point the haunting voices befuddled the mind of the barbarian and cleric and the barbarian nearly hacked the cleric to death.

After the skeletons are vanquished, the party gathers itself and moves north from the foyer. Miles enters first, and here he encounters a monstrous creature. Slowly, however, the creature’s fearsome visage coalesces into an image of a woman. Beckoning to the adventurers, she calls herself the spirit of the house and asks for the touch of the barbarian’s flesh. Recoiling in horror, Damira lashes out with the flat of her greatsword, swatting the woman’s hand aside. Enraged, the figure of the woman transforms back into the horrible creature and attacks the party, activating a sleep aura that sends a couple of the adventurers collapsing to the ground during the course of the fight. After a while, the creature finally succumbs to its wounds and dies.

house of pentheru

Digging through the sand in this room, they find the creature’s hoard: a suit of scale mail, a very well-crafted light crossbow, 5 cold iron bolts, 10 regular bolts, a golden holy symbol of Sarenrae, and a little bag containing 3 platinum and 37 gold pieces. Damira equips the scale mail, and Nefre claims the crossbow and bolts. The party presses on, exploring the northern side of the house. In what appears to be a kitchen, Nefre finds a skeleton with a knife wedged into its chest. He then leads the others down a western corridor, which opens into a room with a stone table, on which rests six skulls. However, before anyone can investigate further, the skulls suddenly come to life, flying towards the five intruders who have disturbed their rest…

Continue the adventure here.

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