Where Pid GM’s a Pathfinder RPG using a Virtual Tabletop

Things have been dark here at the old REB. Oddly, the website still gets a hit or two a day. Kind of surprising really. Who knew there were so many accidental clicks on the 15th page of a google search. So why am I posting then? Just to add that extra hit? Au contraire mon frère, I have a little treat for you.  I will be publishing the exploits of my weekly gaming group as they tackle the Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign, The Mummy’s Mask.

First off SPOILER ALERT! If you plan on playing the Mummy’s Mask campaign you might want to stop reading now and move on. Along with spiders, zombies, and other monsters, here there be spoilers!

Second, the cast of characters:

  • The Dungeon Master (a.k.a the man with the plan) played by yours truly @pidtms
  • Miles Blackhand CN Human Rogue played by @paganrites
  • Damira Dakari CG Gnome Barbarian played by @MMOGC
  • Ellis Whisperwind LN Halfling Bard played by @RyanHVND
  • Tekema Khat-nofru LG Human Cleric of Osiris played by Mr. @MMOGC
  • Nefrekeptah CN Human Magus played by @TrevorWhitaker

Third, the VTT software. We will be utilizing the Fantasy Grounds VTT which can be found at their website or over at Steam. I may be posting screenshots from our adventure and if I can convince the crew, I might post a youtube video or two. We’ll see.

I should also add a nod to Paizo, the creators of the Pathfinder RPG and the Mummy’s Mask adventure path campaign.

So without further ado, The Band of the Golden Sun begin The Mummy’s Mask…

Begin Session 1:

The Band of the Golden Sun assembled before the Grand Mausoleum and the leaders of the followers of Pharasma anxiously awaiting assignment of their first location to explore within  the necropolis of the City of Wati. Standing with a couple dozen other adventuring parties, the band listened to a brief history of the city of Wati and learned the rules for exploration of the necropolis. A banner with the party’s crest was hoisted into the air and a representative of the group obtained the adventurer’s assignment, the Tomb of Akhentepi.

The following morning the troop ventured into the necropolis and found the tomb. The tomb entrance was half buried in sand and sealed with no handles. The group barbarian luckily had some tools and after a few minutes of shoveling the door was pried open with the help of a crowbar. The party entered the tomb only to find a large stone wheel barring their way. While the group focused on opening the stone door, the party Rogue was busy examining the ornate carvings in the tomb when he was attacked by a scorpion. Succumbing to the venom of a scorpion sting, the rogue’s strength was sapped, but the group managed to dispatch the foe with the help of a mighty swing of the barbarian’s greatsword and ultimately opened the door with a group effort.

Moving further into the tomb, the group found a 60′ deep shaft. The magus descended the shaft via a secured rope and examined the tomb floor. Unfortunately, the party rogue and cleric had difficulty climbing down the shaft and ultimately fell over 20′ nearly claiming their lives. A couple of cure spells from the cleric and the two were back up to fighting strength. The magus discovered the remains of a previous tomb raider and claimed two bottles of alchemist’s fire. After the barbarian descended successfully into the tomb, the party moved through the door in the chamber into a long hallway.

Aware of the potential for traps, the party rogue moved in scanning the area with the party following closely behind. Unfortunately for all, the rogue missed a trap switch on the floor, and the party suffered the consequences. Hundreds of darts peppered the party and the rogue and magus took massive damage. The magus dropped to the ground bleeding out. The cleric channeled the power of his deity to bring the magus back from the brink of death. The party retreated to the previous room while the rogue proceeded to disable the trap making the path passable without risk of harm. The party moved into the next room to see what more they could uncover within the Tomb of Akhentepi.

End Session 1

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