The Treek Experiment [SWTOR]

Back in patch 2.3, Star Wars: The Old Republic released a new companion that couldn’t be quested for. It either had to be bought with Cartel Coins (real money) or Credits (in game currency) both of which commanded a steep price. Not having the credits at the time nor wanting to plop down the equivalent of about $20 USD I passed on the idea.

Since that time I have managed to gather the 1 million credits that it takes to purchase the companion and I decided I would finally take the plunge. Boy was pulling the trigger on this transaction a difficult one.

Treek1Unlike the HK-51 companion that was released in patch 1.5, and very much unbeknownst to me, the new companion comes equipped with level 10 gear. The companion uses heavy armor and has Aim as the key stat, so the character I bought the companion on would have had to go and buy a bunch of Level 55 mods. Bummer. So out came the wallet.

Fortunately, my monthly subscription provides a small stipend of Cartel Coins which I proceeded to spend 700 of to unlock Treek on all of my characters. This unlock, to me, seems fairly reasonable considering to buy Treek with only cartel coins costs 2100 and that is for just one character.

So I switched characters from my level 55 Sith Marauder to my level 55 Sniper, paid the fee to unlock Treek on all my characters, and then picked up the little walking throw rug.

treek2At this point I wanted to try out the new companion and run her through her paces. For quite some time now I have been underwhelmed with the performance of Kaliyo as a tanking companion. Since Treek can be either a tank companion or a healer and can wear all the same gear that Kaliyo is currently wearing I thought this would be a good test to see if she can do a better job.

treek4So I removed all the gear from Kaliyo and moved it over to Treek (sorry Kaliyo, I know the ship is rather drafty but you are a tough woman). To test out what Treek could do, I decided to run the CZ -198 dailies with her. They are quick and easy, but they typically gave Kaliyo a run for her money.

treek5    treek3

Well I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. Typically Kaliyo would get into a number of scrapes that would kill her and I would have to finish the fight with the mobs attention being squarely on the player. This time through Treek never died, and I even got into a scrape where I aggroed a gold, a silver, and a bunch of trash and I managed to get through with the little self healing that Treek can do in Tank mode.

All in all I am pleased with the effectiveness of this new companion even though Ewoks are not high on my list of desired species for SWTOR. Fair warning: I have not used Treek extensively yet, but from the little that I did see I think she will be my companion of choice for my sniper at least.


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