Random Encounters: A Multigaming Blog

Hello and welcome to the first post of an all new blog for gamers of all shapes and sizes written by gamers of all shapes and sizes. They say game blogging is dead but we think people just ran out of interesting things to talk about. We hope that by soliciting a wide group of contributors that we can find gaming topics that interest us from a number of different perspectives.

We would like to use this post as an introduction to the editors and a statement of the vision of this blog, so without further ado we present:

The Random Encounters Blog (REB) edited by Pid and Maric.


I have been avidly playing games since I was kicking my family’s butt at Uno back in 1983. I played a couple early versions of console video games before the family got its first Atari 2600. I progressed through many a board game (Monopoly and Risk were my favorites) and the early consoles (Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES, Playstation 1) before getting involved with PC gaming. In high school I was an avid Shadowrun pen-and-paper gamer and later I ran a small campaign with D&D 3rd edition. I have dabbled in a number of MMORPG’s with the most time spent playing Everquest (started after the platinum edition not from launch) and SW:ToR. I dabble in most new launches but unless they captivate me I don’t stick with them. I started a gaming blog of my own in October of 2009 called The Meat Shield before letting it decline.


I’ll follow Pid’s lead on the introductory presentation.

I started video gaming with the Atari 2600.  My computer gaming began with the Texas Intruments 99 4a.  My career in RP gaming began with Richard Garriot’s Exodus: Ultima III on the Commodore 64 and I never looked back.

I own the original D&D red box.  I played a few PnP RPGs in highschool (Top Secret, RuneQuest, Star Frontiers). I began playing MMORPGs when Ultima Online launched but my first real love was Mythic’s Dark Ages of Camelot.  I absolutely loved the lore behind the game.  The challenge of PvE and the best PvP experience to date made for a fantastic experience.  Like Pid I’ve played most every MMORPG since then with the longest stints in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and currently Bioware’s flawed but still interesting Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I had a paid position writing for IGN/VNBoard’s Age of Conan Vault for about 18 months and learned quite a bit about the business and politcs of gaming journalism.  It was a great experience and so much fun to be part of an MMO launch.  My only other writing experience is on my own oft ignored blog at http://paganrites.wordpress.com/.

Random Encounters vision:

  • A blog of like-minded individuals that love games of all sorts.

  • A blog that explores interesting aspects of games and the gaming world.

  • A blog that incorporates a number of contributors to maximize different perspectives on gaming.

  • A blog to share gaming experiences and show how games can bring people together.

  • A blog to highlight good games regardless of the medium or genre.
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2 Responses to Random Encounters: A Multigaming Blog

  1. Ocho says:

    LOTS OF NEW BLOGS TO FOLLOW TODAY!! I was following you, Pid, but only just found out about Maric’s blog today! This sounds like a great start, gents. Can’t wait to read your thoughts. 🙂

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